Memory – The Origins of Alien

US 2019 | 95 Min | DCP
Su, 22.09. | 18:00
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Ridley Scott’s Alien is a pretty cool film as well as being a central part of pop mythology that has not lost any of its impact four decades after its premiere. Yet in Memory – The Origins of Alien, the exceptional documentary filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe is not so much interested in how this classic was made in the sense of a making-of, but rather in the development of its concept per se. Sci-fi films from the 1950s, EC comics, Lovecraft, Kubrick and a painting by Francis Bacon are all only small parts of the mosaic that inspired especially the script writer of Alien Dan O’Bannon to craft this iconic story that in earlier versions actually was entitled Memory. Enlightening!

Alexandre O. Philippe
holds an MFA in Dramatic Writing, and is the creative director at Exhibit A Pictures. Most of his films take on the role of unpacking the most influential works of master filmmakers, and dissecting seminal screen moments. Past works include 78/52, Doc of the Dead, and The People vs. George Lucas. He is currently working on a film about The Exorcist with William Friedkin.
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Language eOV
Director Alexandre O. Philippe
Writer Alexandre O. Philippe
Editing Chad Herschberger
Cinematography Robert Muratore
Su, 22.09. | 18:00