The Mafu Cage

US 1978 | 102 Min | 35mm
Metro Historisch
Su, 22.09. | 15:30
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Monkeys. Madness. Murder. Directed by Karen Arthur, The Mafu Cage is a truly bizarre tale of two sisters, Ellen and Cissy, who are in a symbiotic, abusive, and enabling sexual relationship. Their father was an anthropologist who collected African objects. Now deceased, the sisters live together in his mansion, and Cissy has a “mafu” (monkey) cage in the living room, where she keeps her simian subjects. But one day, Ellen’s new boyfriend David comes to the house, and Cissy decides she needs a human “mafu”… For critic Kier-La Janisse, The Mafu Cage is “one of the most compelling and uniquely dark films of the psychotic woman subgenre.” Watch this rare 35mm print screening to find out why.

Karen Arthur
(*1941 in Ohama, USA) has directed three feature films: Legacy (1975), Lady Beware (1987), and The Mafu Cage, but the majority of her work has been in television, where she has had a long and prolific career directing movies and series.
Language eOV
Director Karen Arthur
Cast Lee Grant, Carol Kane, Will Geer
Writer Don Chastain, Éric Wesphal
Editing Carol Littleton
Cinematography John Bailey
Metro Historisch
Su, 22.09. | 15:30