Two Sisters

MY 2019 | 87 Min | DCP
Sa, 28.09. | 23:00
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A terrible childhood trauma resulted in Yue being institutionalized. Her older sister Xi became a successful author. After Yue is released the two sisters return to their childhood home, where they are soon confronted with occurrences they cannot explain … and the bottled up dread.
The director James Lee became a pioneer of Malay new wave cinema in the 2000s, yet in the last decade he has reinvented himself as a director of cheap and effective genre films. Two Sisters demonstrates Lee’s ingenuity in the most horrific manner: by concentrating on the psychological aspect of horror, he gives supposedly well-known genre patterns an entirely new unsettling slow-burn potential.

James Lee
(*1973 in Malaysia) is a self-taught independent filmmaker and also one of the pioneers of indie digital video film-making. On top of directing he worked as a cinematographer, produced and acted in other independently produced films. His films have won awards in film festivals in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore.
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Language OmeU
Director James Lee
Cast Emily Lim, Lim Mei Fen, Mike Chuah
Writer James Lee
Editing J. Ishmael
Cinematography Teck Zee Tan
Sa, 28.09. | 23:00