US 2019 | 90 Min | DCP
Sa, 21.09. | 15:30
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The trans woman Laurel can hardly wait until she can leave the constraints of her home village. As soon as she is with her brother in LA, she gets to know the queer feminist gang surrounding Duke in a night club, whose strength and exuberance also stem from the fact that they are all vampires. After Laurel is bitten she is made privy to their agenda: all women are to be bitten, all men are to be killed, that is how the endless utopia is to be achieved. Brad Michael Elmore’s Bit is an ultra contemporary revision of the vampire myth to be found somewhere between agitprop and a Buffy gleaning, carried by a stunningly romanticized image of the outsider, a cast in great form, black humor, and an attitude of resting bitch face.

Brad Michael Elmore
is a writer and director from central Oregon, currently residing in Los Angeles. After his micro budget feature The Wolfman’s Hammer got discovered online by Chris Weitz, he produced his second feature Boogeyman Pop in conjunction with Blumhouse. Bit is Elmore’s third film.
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Language eOV
Director Brad Michael Elmore
Cast Nicole Maines, M.C. Gainey, Diana Hopper,
Writer Brad Michael Elmore
Editing Ryan Dufrene
Cinematography Cristina Dunlap
Sa, 21.09. | 15:30