His Master’s Voice

Az úr hangja
CA/HU 2018 | 108 Min | DCP
Metro Historisch
Th, 26.09. | 20:30
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This film is less of an adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s eponymous science fiction novel, as it is its spiritual continuation: during a trip in the USA Péter begins a search for any traces of his father, who left his family in the early eighties back in communist Hungary. The eccentric director György Pálfi interweaves the classic story of a hopeful reunion with fantastical elements, from people-gobbling giants wandering about at night, sex orgies and super weapons, all the way to a creepy faceless character. All this makes His Master’s Voice a witty, funny, and entirely mad science fiction essay thriller. Pretty unique.

In attendance of György Pálfi.

György Pálfi
(*1974 in Budapest) joined the Hungarian University of Drama and Film Art in 1995. His debut feature Hukkle (2002) was invited to international film festivals worldwide and won several prestigious recognitions. Taxidermia (2006), his second feature, premiered at Cannes, as did his collage film Final Cut - Ladies and Gentlemen (2012). His film Free Fall (2014) won three major awards at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.
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Language OmeU
Director György Pálfi
Cast Csaba Polgár, Diána Kiss, Eric Peterson
Writer Stanislaw Lem (novel), György Pálfi, Zsófia Ruttkay, Gergö V. Nagy
Editing Réka Lemhényi
Cinematography Gergely Pohárnok
Metro Historisch
Th, 26.09. | 20:30