I See You

US 2019 | 96 Min | DCP
Th, 26.09. | 20:30
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The police officer Greg has seen better times: the case of a disappeared boy puts him under pressure professionally and his family life spins out of control after his wife has an affair. So it doesn’t really draw much attention at the beginning that a few things around the house go missing, or that the rooms are filled with strange sounds. The less you know about the chameleon-like psycho thriller I See You the better it is, and yet the debut script by Devon Graye is a lot more than the sum of its zigzags. A bombastic soundtrack, an excellent cast all across the board, and last but not least the elegant, gripping direction by Adam Randall thrust this ambiguous nightmare right up into the upper class of suspense film.

Adam Randell
The London native wrote/directed several award winning shorts before moving to features in 2015 with the high concept chase thriller, Level Up. In 2017, Adam’s second feature, iBOY was released. The project was the first UK Netflix Original Film. I See You stands as Adam's US debut film.
Language eOV
Director Adam Randell
Cast Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Judah Lewis
Writer Devon Graye
Editing Jeffrey Castelluccio
Cinematography Philipp Blaubach
Th, 26.09. | 20:30