I Trapped the Devil

US 2019 | 82 Min | DCP
Mo, 23.09. | 23:00
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Family reunions around Christmas often hold great potential for huge drama: when Matt goes on a surprise visit to his brother, he makes a distant, and aggressive impression. Why this is the case Matt finds out when his brother leads him to a door with multiple locks in the cellar. Behind it, the battered brother is convinced, the devil in the flesh is locked up. Based on this premise Josh Lobo develops an atmospheric, increasingly claustrophobic and gloomy chamber play, in which suppressed traumas begin to bubble to the surface, all while the devil ominously whispers and rages behind that cellar door. The perfect ingredients for nightmares.

Josh Lobo
is an American filmmaker and novelist raised out of rural Wyoming. After leaving film school to pursue his craft in a more hands-on fashion, he turned his attention towards long form storytelling projects. The horror thriller I Trapped The Devil is his feature film debut. He currently acts as the co-creator of the horror anthology comic series Terror.
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Language eOV
Director Josh Lobo
Cast Scott Poythress, AJ Bowen, Susan Burke
Writer Josh Lobo
Editing Josh Lobo, Spence Nicholson
Cinematography Bryce Holden
Mo, 23.09. | 23:00