In My Skin

Dans ma peau
FR 2002 | 93 Min | 35mm
Metro Pleskow
Fr, 20.09. | 18:30
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In My Skin is a New French Extremity gruesome body horror, inspired by an event in writer, director and lead actor Marina de Van’s childhood. A car ran over her leg, and she recalls “I felt no sense of panic, no pain, even though I should have passed out. I saw my leg just as another object”. De Van plays Esther, who becomes obsessed with mutilating her own body, and then escalates to self-cannibalism. With little narrative motivation, and very limited access to Esther’s interior world, In My Skin graphically and insistently focusses on Esther’s behaviour, her increasing detachment from her body and, paradoxically, her pleasure and relief in destroying it.

Marina de Van
(*1971 in France) is a writer, actress, screenwriter and director. She studied Philosophy at the Sorbonne and finished her film studies at La Fémis. She started out with some short films, like Bien sous tous rapports (1996) and Alias (1999), before finishing her first feature In My Skin. Her horror thriller Dark ouch had its Austrian premiere at /slash 2013. De Van’s newest film, the self-portrait My Nudity Means Nothing, world premiered in Rotterdam in 2019.
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Language OmeU
Director Marina de Van
Cast Marina de Van, Laurent Lucas, Léa Drucker
Writer Marina de Van
Editing Mike Fromentin
Cinematography Pierre Barougier
Metro Pleskow
Fr, 20.09. | 18:30