Ju-on: Black Ghost

Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo
JP 2009 | 60 Min | DCP
Metro Pleskow
Sa, 21.09. | 20:30
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Together with The Boy from Hell.

Female horror directors are still very rare in the conservative Japanese film industry. However, prolific director Mari Asato has now joined the ranks of Japanese women horror filmmakers including Kei Fujiwara, Shimako Sato and Kayoko Asakura. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the popular Ju-on franchise, a double-feature was commissioned, and Asato wrote, produced and directed one of the features, Black Ghost. This is a supernatural ghost story centered on Nurse Yuko, who cares for Fukie, a young girl hospitalised with a stomach cyst. However, things go badly for everyone whom Fukie comes into contact with, and the story quickly escalates to take in possession, exorcism and an unborn, vengeful twin.

Mari Asato
(*1976) began her career as a photographer working as an apprentice under Kiyoshi Kurosawa. She is primarily known for Ju-On: Black Ghost. Other films include the cinematic rendition Boy From Hell (2004), the politically undertoned Samurai Chicks (2004), Twilight Syndrome: Dead Go Round (2008), Ring of Curse (2011), Bilocation (2012), and Fatal Frame (2014).
Language OmeU
Director Mari Asato
Cast Kôji Seto, Ai Kago, Kana Tsugihara
Writer Mari Asato
Editing Yoshifumi Fukazawa
Cinematography Shin Hayasaka
Metro Pleskow
Sa, 21.09. | 20:30