Humanoids from the Deep

US 1980 | 81 Min | 35mm
Metro Historisch
Fr, 20.09. | 22:00
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Double Feature with The Slumber Party Massacre.

Described by critic Phillip French as the “most mindlessly violent and rape-obsessed” film of 1980, Humanoids from the Deep is an eco-horror mix of Jaws, Piranha and The Creature From the Black Lagoon. In a Californian fishing community, a cannery undertakes experiments to increase the local fish population. But the fish mutate into humanoids who have three goals: come ashore, rape the women, murder the men.
After production, executive producer Roger Corman hired the second unit assistant director to shoot and add more nude rape scenes. Director Barbara Peeters then requested that her name was removed from credits, but it remains to this day. In 2019 she commented “I don’t talk about that film… I’ve always – since a small, little girl – been a feminist”.

The copy was provided by Geheimnisvoller Filmclub Buio Omega

Barbara Peeters
is an American director and screenwriter of television and film. She often worked for Roger Corman's B-flick studio New World Pictures, as was the case with Humanoids from the Deep, which she is best known for. She made her feature debut as co-writer and co-director of The Dark Side of Tomorrow and followed with the gritty Bury Me an Angel, Summer School Teachers, and Starhops. In the 1990s she established her own company Silver Foxx Films.
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Language eOV
Director Barbara Peeters
Cast Doug McClure, Ann Turkel, Vic Morrow
Writer Frank Arnold, Martin B. Cohen, William Martin
Editing Mark Goldblatt
Cinematography Daniel Lacambre
Metro Historisch
Fr, 20.09. | 22:00