The Boy from Hell

Jigoku kozô
JP 2004 | 50 Min | Digibeta
Metro Pleskow
Sa, 21.09. | 20:30
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Together with Ju-on: Black Ghost.

In 2004, a series of six films were created based on Hideshi Hino’s horror manga, then released as Hideshi Hino’s Theatre of Horror. Mari Asato’s The Boy From Hell is the third in the series, a gross and gory twist on The Monkey’s Paw story. Setsu’s only child, Daio is killed in a tragic accident, and she cannot bear the loss of her son. An elderly woman offers her a mysterious deal, and Daio agrees to sacrifice another child in order to return Daio to her. But the thing that returns bears little resemblance to her son, and, she discovers to her horror, that it must feed on human flesh …

Mari Asato
(*1976) began her career as a photographer working as an apprentice under Kiyoshi Kurosawa. She is primarily known for Ju-On: Black Ghost. Other films include the cinematic rendition Boy From Hell (2004), the politically undertoned Samurai Chicks (2004), Twilight Syndrome: Dead Go Round (2008), Ring of Curse (2011), Bilocation (2012), and Fatal Frame (2014).
Language OmeU
Director Mari Asato
Cast Mirai Yamamoto, Kanji Tsuda, Hanae Shoji
Writer Hideshi Hino (comic), Seiji Tanigawa, Naoteru Yamamoto
Cinematography Yôsuke Kogure
Metro Pleskow
Sa, 21.09. | 20:30