Pet Sematary

US 1989 | 103 Min | DCP
Metro Historisch
Sa, 21.09. | 15:30
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Louis, Rachel, their children Ellie and Gage, and Church the cat move to a run-down rural house, right next to a very busy main road. They find a pet cemetery behind their property, built upon an ancient burial ground. Ellie asks “Daddy, what if Church dies and has to go to the pet cemetery?” and Louis replies, “well, if it was up to me, I’d let Church live up to be 100, but I don’t make up the rules.” Rules are made to broken, and death and resurrection are wrought upon this young family. Director Mary Lambert came to horror after a successful career in music videos, and as such, Pet Sematary is visually and auditorily entertaining, and her aesthetic a perfect companion to Stephen King’s hyperbolic screenplay.

Mary Lambert
(*1951 in Helena, USA) has directed music videos, like Madonna’s early videos Like a Virgin and La Isla Bonita, television episodes and feature films, mainly in the horror genre. In 1987 she released her debut feature Siesta. Pet Sematary is her second feature film.
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Language eOV
Director Mary Lambert
Cast Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Fred Gwynne
Writer Stephen King
Editing Michael Hill, Daniel Hanley
Cinematography Peter Stein
Metro Historisch
Sa, 21.09. | 15:30