Satanic Panic

US 2019 | 90 Min | DCP
Fr, 27.09. | 23:00
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The jolly horror comedy Satanic Panic by Chelsea Stardust has no connection to the actual satanic panic that took place in the US in the 1980s and was a de facto new age witch hunt. Instead the naive pizza delivery person Sam is panicked when she is confronted with an occultist gathering in a posh villa district that is preparing a ritual for the arrival of Baphomet, for which they still lack a virgin. For those who haven’t guessed it yet: Sam is one and immediately takes flight. Stardust puts on this spectacle with humor and multiple buckets of bodily fluids, thereby proving her love for the genre cinema of the 1980s.

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Chelsea Stardust
has been a horror film fan since the age of 10 when her father showed her Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Tod Browning's Dracula. After attending Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College School of Film program, Chelsea moved to LA where she worked for comedy legends Ivan Reitman and Judd Apatow, before she found her horror home at Blumhouse Productions. Apart from her first short Where are you? and first feature All that We Destroy, she also directed a horror musical comedy for the stage and a holiday horror radio play. Satanic Panic is her second feature film.
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Language eOV
Director Chelsea Stardust
Cast Hayley Griffith, Ruby Modine, Rebecca Romijn
Writer Grady Hendrix, Ted Geoghegan
Editing Michael Sale
Cinematography Mark Evans
Fr, 27.09. | 23:00