I Spit on Your Grave: Deja vu

US 2019 | 148 Min | DCP
Metro Pleskow
Fr, 27.09. | 21:00
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Already now this film stands as a film maudit, and is without a doubt one of the strangest monoliths of this year’s /slash program: forty years after his rape and revenge classic I Spit On Your Grave, the original director Meir Zarchi produced the official sequel. In Deja Vu the former protagonist Jennifer has become a successful author and is kidnapped by family members of her past abusers together with her model daughter. This DIY revenge epic takes two and a half hours to spread out a fleeting world that follows no rules of logic and is inhabited by grotesque sketches of figures that is so dramatically out-of-time and has “gone wrong” in the best way that it gives its viewers back their faith in the free, radical film culture of the 1970s. Heart warming and unbelievable.

Meir Zarchi
based the original ​I Spit On Your Grave on a true story. He encountered a bruised, battered and naked woman in a nearby park. The victim’s mistreatment by the authorities when he rushed her to the police station, burned a fire within him and out came the story for the film. The movie has become a cult classic of epic proportions, and one of the most controversial ones in cinema history. Zarchi also served as the executive producer on the Anchor Bay Trilogy (2010 to 2015) of ​I Spit On Your Grave, produced and directed the motion picture ​Don’t Mess with My Sister!, and produced the comedy-drama​ Holy Hollywood​, directed by his son, who also made the documentary Growing Up With I Spit On Your Grave.
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Language eOV
Director Meir Zarchi
Cast Camille Keaton, Jamie Bernadette, Maria Olsen
Writer Meir Zarchi
Editing Terry Zarchi
Cinematography Pedja Radenkovic
Metro Pleskow
Fr, 27.09. | 21:00